Attraction Innovation Challenge – Pitching Session

Date: 27th Feb 2019
Time: 2pm
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre

Organised by Singapore Tourism Board (STB), ASA co-hosted the Attraction Innovation Challenge’s pitching session held in Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on 27th Feb 2018. More than 35 individuals across 13 ASA member organisations had graced the event.

The pitching session started with an opening speech by STB’s Chief Executive, Mr Keith Tan. It was closely followed up by a short networking session for vendors to interact with members of the attraction industry. After which, the main highlight of the event commenced, the long awaited pitching sessions. Vendors were allocated venues, depending on their specialisation, to speak to interested members about their products and services provided. The event was then wrapped up by the Marketplace Networking Sessions where members were allowed to have further interactions with these vendors to take a closer look at their services provided.